Sash Cord Repair London

Sash Cord Repair London can supply you with a replacement sash cord Service – For as little as £50 per cord

If you have a sash window that’s jammed, stuck or painted shut, it will make opening them very hard.

Trying to open a painted window or a window that is missing a sash ropes will be almost impossible to operate especially if the windows are extremely big.

Nine times out of ten its more than likely the sash cord has broken away from the sash weights, which is located in a hidden part of your sash box. The cord will need to be replaced.

We offer Sash Cord Repair London service and replacement for as little as of £50 “that’s bound to make you smile”.

Below is our Sash Cord Repair London price guide.

£100 to replace 1 sash cord
£145 to replace 2 sash cords
£190 to replace 3 sash cords
£200 to replace 4 sash cords

Once our sash service engineer has taken your window out, we will be able to advise on which cords need changing.

Sash Service provide sash cord replacement throughout London and the surrounding counties.

Call if you are in need of Sash cord replacement or sash window repair in London we also offer a fixed priced on our sash service. Mobile: 07454 544 646

North London
Broken sash cords replaced throughout North London, fixed price per sash cord. High quality waxed cotton sash cords with a nylon core for durability. Call us today!
07454 544 646

South London
Replacing a broken sash cord.
If one of your sash cords is broken the window will not open and shut very well and may want to slide shut when open. The two cords connected to weights which counterbalance the sash window on either side each go into the sash box over a pulley located at the top.

East London
The most common repairs to sash windows are replacing broken sash cords and damaged or loose beads. In order to fix a broken sash cord you must first take off the staff bead, this will allow the window to be taken fully out of the frame to replace the damaged cord. It is at this stage you can determine whether to replace 1 or all 4 cords.

West London
We only renew the old cords with new nylon plaited sash cords which is far more durable and longer lasting Then the wax cotton cords being used in the old original sash box. Call sash service today 07454 544 646