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Sash Cord Repair and Sash Cord Replacement across London

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Sash Cord Repair

Sash Cord Repair

Sash Cord Repair

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Sash cord repair may be needed after many years of use, replacing sash cords does not need to be expensive.

Windows that have the old sash cords may look shabby, show signs of decay or they may be covered in paint.

Sash Ropes

Painted ropes become brittle and, like decayed cords will eventually snap.

Sash services supply ropes that are made from waxed cotton and contain a polypropylene core, the wax protects the cotton, allowing for self-lubrication on the pulley wheel, while the nylon core provides inner strength.

The waxed cotton rope is more suited to typical domestic properties with sash windows and will last for generations.

Our company can offer other types of rope, for example, pure white double braided Nylon or Red Fleck waxed cotton, this is the type often seen in historic properties.

It Is important to keep sash cords free of paint.
When decorating (ask your decorator to apply Vaseline to the ropes prior to painting to ensure that the ropes continue to look smart and function properly).

Having your sash windows renovated, draught proofed and kept in the very best condition not only provides added insulation in the winter but also has other advantages in the summertime too!

If your windows appear to have good sash cords attached but do not stay open, your windows may need re-balancing, please visit our sash window renovation page for more information.

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A handy DIY Guide to replacing sash cords

A handy DIY Guide to replacing sash cords

First of all place down a dust sheet.

Secondly carefully remove the staff bead. (Staff beads holds the bottom window in place).
(Caution) Most staff beads are nailed on, however, it may have been over-painted many times so might look more permanently attached than it actually is.

After removing the staff bead the lower sash can now be removed.

Now remove the parting beads (parting beads separate the upper and lower window).

Access to the pockets should now be visible for both weights, top and bottom window on a single side.

Finally, once out you can clearly see the sash weights take out the old cord and replaced with a Nylon braid.

Sash Cord Types

Red Wrapper/Blue Wrapper – plaited, waxed, weatherproof cotton sash cord.
Superbraid – solid braided cotton sash cord.
Plaited Jute – natural organic jute sash cord.
Nylon braid – very strong rot-proof solid braid nylon sash cord.
Hemplon – tough brown polypropylene sash cord.

Windows that appear to have good sash cords attached but do not stay open, may need re-balancing, please visit our sash window renovation page for more information.

To conclude if you have trouble changing your sash rope Sash Services will happily do it or you, please call 020) 8935 5368

North London
Broken sash cords replaced throughout North London, fixed price per sash cord. High quality waxed cotton sash cords with a nylon core for durability. Call us today!
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South London
Replacing a broken sash cord.
If one of your sash cords is broken the window will not open and shut very well and may want to slide shut when open. The two cords connected to weights which counterbalance the sash window on either side each go into the sash box over a pulley located at the top.

East London
The most common repairs to sash windows are replacing broken sash cords and damaged or loose beads. In order to fix a broken sash cord you must first take off the staff bead, this will allow the window to be taken fully out of the frame to replace the damaged cord. It is at this stage you can determine whether to replace 1 or all 4 cords.

West London
We only renew the old cords with new nylon plaited sash cords which is far more durable and longer lasting Then the wax cotton cords being used in the old original sash box. Call sash service today
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