Sash Cord Repair Harlesden

Sash Cord Repair & Replacement Sash Cord Repair Harlesden – For under £40 per cord.

The most common repairs to sash windows are replacing broken sash window cords.

Sash window cords can become frayed and break through time or being painted, so the sash window will no longer functions properly.
If you have a sash window that’s jammed or stuck, or simply won’t stay up, nine times out of ten its more than likely the sash window cord has been broken.

Below is our Sash Cord Repair Harlesden area reduce price guide.

Below is our sash cord replacement prices.

£100 to replace 1 sash cord
£145 to replace 2 sash cords
£180 to replace 3 sash cords
£215 to replace 4 sash cords
£250 to replace 5 sash cords
£285 to replace 6 sash cords
£320 to replace 7 sash cords
£355 to replace 8 sash cords
£390 to replace 9 sash cords
£425 to replace 10 sash cords
£460 to replace 11 sash cords
£495 to replace 12 sash cords (when you do the maths is under £50.00 per cord).

Once our sash service engineer has taken your window out, he will be able to advise you on which cords need changing.

Sash Service provide sash cord replacement throughout the Harlesden area and the surrounding areas.

Sash cords can be made from a range of materials in different diameters, such as waxed and unwaxed hemp and synthetic fibres.

We try make sure your new cord is the same diameter as the old one.

After removing and replacing the staff bead and parting bead sometimes you will need light decorations

From sash cord replacement right through to full sash services and window replacements we do it all, with over 20 years experience in window repairs and refurbishment, you can rely on us to refurbish and renovate your sash windows, bringing them back to their original former glory.

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