Sash Cord Replacement

Sash Cord Replacement

Do you have a broken sash cord that needs a sash cord replacement?

Are your sash windows difficult to open?

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Experiencing any of the problems mentioned above it may be a clear indication of a sash cord replacement

Regular uses of a sash window being open will require a Sash cord repair.

Once a sash window cord has broken, it will become difficult to operate and in some cases, won’t open.

At The Sash Cord Man, we provided a sash cord repair services from as little as £45.

We are specialist in sash cord replacements and have been providing these services for over 25years.

Replacing a sash cord is quite straightforward, once you have the right tools and know what you are doing?

A typical sash window has 4 sash cords attached to either iron or lead weights, located inside the pocket of the sash box.

The Sash Cord Man, are not only great at sash window cord replacement, but we are also experts in repairing sash windows.


What causes a sash cord to break?

 There are loads of reasons a sash cord will break, but the 5 most common cause of a broken sash cord is:

  • painted or brittle Sash cords will eventually snap
  • Jammed weights inside a sash box can also cause a perfect cord to snap
  • Pulley wheels that are broken or frozen, can cause sash cords to break prematurely
  • The wrong sized sash cord especially on double glazed sash windows
  • Sash cord repair that has not been installed incorrectly to the sash weight or not pinned secured to the sash window sides.

Above are just a few examples that we have personally seen time and time again from a broken sash cord.

If you are experiencing any of these problems or for assistance in fixing your sash window cords, please feel free to call us on:

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